InterLab Test Engines
Interlab Test Engines for “ease of use” of RF and protocol test systems

Conformance test systems for the wireless communications industry vary a lot in their handling and operation, which makes the usage of various test systems from different manufacturers complicated and prone to error. Expert know-how is needed to generate correct and reproducible results. InterLab Test Engines can help eliminate such problems. They are available for a large number of Protocol and RF test systems. In-house as well as third party test laboratories for wireless communications devices benefit from using the InterLab Test Engines. InterLab Test Engines can either be used as stand-alone solutions or in combination with the InterLab Software System, for the optimized management of complete test laboratories.

InterLab Test Engines are available for a
large variety of test equipment from leading manufacturers

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Other Test Systems can be connected to InterLab Test Engines on request.
InterLab Test Engines can be enhanced with the InterLab Climatic Chamber Control for automated, environmental condition-related testing.


Connect your test equipment to InterLab Test Engines
and benefit from a number of simplifications


  • Only one user interface
    Test systems from different test system manufacturers all come with a different user interface – a serious source of error, which users can overcome by connecting their test equipment to the InterLab Test Engines. This way all connected test systems can be handled via one and the same user interface and test system operators do not need to be familiar with the different user interfaces of individual test systems in order to carry out the tests.
  • Simplified test system configuration
    The InterLab Test Engine works with pre-defined configuration settings. Only the most important product features need to be tuned in so that the tests run automatically with the correct configuration.
  • Integrated, automated test-SIMS
    The Test Engine includes a specially designed, automated test-SIM. InterLab Test Engine test-SIMs are automatically correctly configured. It is no longer necessary to tune them in manually to be in line with the respective tests.
  • Automated testing and reporting
    The Test Engine controls the test system and automatically creates comprehensive reports. Both the test systems and the device-under-test can be automated for 24/7 test runs with the help of an Electrical Man-Machine Interface (EMMI). This way test laboratories can be used to their full capacity. Errors due to incorrect handling of the test system or the device-under-test, as well as inconsistencies with previous handling, can be eliminated.