Interlab Feature Explorer
PICS/PIXIT detector for wireless devices supporting GSM, UMTS or LTE technology

PICS/PIXIT information of a wireless product or module is usually described manually. This takes a lot of time and the more complex the product, the more difficult it is to select the correct PICS/PIXITs. Providing wrong or incomplete PICS/PIXITs can however result in incorrect test plans, incorrect configuration of test systems and even unusable test results. Often a lot of time is spent making manual PICS/PIXIT changes in order to prove the conformity of a product.

By checking automatically
on more than 1000 important product features and parameters
the “InterLab Feature Explorer” puts an end to this!

Are you confronted with one or more of the following questions?

  • Which features does my product support?
  • What is the appropriate configuration for my network simulator?
  • Which feature changes have been introduced with this new software revision?
  • As a network operator, are you satisfied that the device supplied is in accordance with your specifications?

Then the brand new and unique InterLab Feature Explorer is ideal for you. With the InterLab Feature Explorer you can always be sure that you are verifying the true product features in a reliable, efficient and reproducible way.

Identify PICS/PIXIT information
fully automatically!

The InterLab Feature Explorer identifies the relevant features implemented in a wireless device and then automatically generates an exact product description.


Developers, testers, network operators and other interested parties are provided with an up-to-date and correct description of what a product is really able to do. This is of immense value during R&D, conformance testing and network operator approvals, eliminating wastage of valuable test and analysis time!


The InterLab Feature Explorer is currently capable of extracting more than 1000 important product features and parameters, and this amount is rising continuously. It can be used together with the Rohde & Schwarz CRTU-G/W and CMW 500.

Supported Technology Standards

  • UTRAN   3GPP TS 34.121, 34.123, 31.124
  • GERAN   3GPP TS 51.010
  • LTE        3GPP TS 36.523 and 36.521