NFC test package
Deploy the Interlab Test Solution DEVICE/UICC for NFC testing

Near Field Communications services (NFC), based on NFC enabled phones and using a mobile phone‘s UICC as secure element are continuously increasing in numbers worldwide. Service providers, mobile network operators, implementers and users of Smart Services who use the NFC technology for banking, transport, access control services etc. are relying on the fact that NFC enabled mobile phones, the point-of-service terminal and the trusted services manager are working together correctly and reliably.

GSMA Requirements

Due to this the GSMA has defined technical requirements and the related test cases in order to maintain interoperability of UICC-based NFC services and devices. Mobile devices, supporting NFC, have to be tested successfully against the GSMA requirements stated in the TS.27 NFC Handset Test Book in order to achieve GCF or PTCRB certification.

NFC Test Setup with Interlab Test Solution Device/UICC

Based on our Interlab Test Solution Device/UICC we offer a network dependent, bearer agnostic (USAT) NFC test case package for 3G, listed as TP-146.











In combination with the network independent test setups from our experienced, well recognized partners in the industry, UL and FIME, this provides complete NFC test coverage for GCF and PTCRB conformance testing.

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Advantages of the joint NFC conformance test solution

  • covers development and conformance testing
  • comprises the latest GCF WI-176, 190 & 197 and PTCRB RFT 123 conformance test cases, required for successful certification
  • provides two separated test setups for parallel testing of network independent and network dependent tests speeding up the process
  • offers easy and cost efficient software upgrades for already existing test platforms
  • is an extendable solution for additional GCF/PTCRB validated test suites e.g. USIM, USAT, ISIM, UICC-NFC testing for GCF, PTCRB, Verizon Wireless and China Mobile requirements for 2G, 3G and LTE
  • allows for 24/7 test automation

GCF and PTCRB requirements regarding NFC

For GCF certification, mobile NFC devices have to be successfully tested according to

  • GCF WI-176: UICC based NFC Services.
    • Network independent test cases
    • Network dependent/bearer agnostic test cases (USAT)
  • GCF WI-190: SWP/HCI Enhancements for UICC based NFC Services.
  • GCF WI-197: Evolution of UICC based NFC Services.

PTCRB has defined the test requirements according to GSMA NFC specifications in its

  • RFT123 NFC test book.