Test Case Packages for 5G NR USIM/USAT
GCF certification testing for 5G USIM/USAT applications

The GCF listed test platform TP 302 “Interlab Test Solution DEVICE/UICC” offers validated certification test case packages for 5G USIM/USAT.

The following 5G test case packages are currently defined for this Test Solution:

  • “5G-USIM-1”: USIM interaction in 5G networks according to TS 31.121 Rel-15
  • “5G-USAT-1”: USAT interaction in 5G networks according to TS TS 31.124 Rel-15

These test case packages cover the fulfillment of GCF certification requirements for 5G NR USIM/USAT:

  • “5G-USIM-1”: GCF Work Item # 508-NR
  • “5G-USAT-1”: GCF Work Item # 509

The above test case packages for test platform TP 302 are currently in development and will be validated for usage with the new 5G NR radio communication tester R&S®CMX500.

Upgrade for Interlab Test Solution DEVICE UICC for 5G NR USIM/USAT

Existing users of the Interlab Test Solution DEVICE/UICC product options for 3G, LTE, LTE-CAT-M1, NB-IoT or NFC can upgrade their existing platform to 5G NR. The first test case package “5G-USIM-1” for 5G NR USIM protocol conformance testing will be available in time with the activation of GCF certification requirements.
For more information please submit a ticket via our Support Portal for Interlab Test Products.