3G USIM/USAT test platform
GCF & PTCRB certification testing for 3G USIM/USAT with InterLab Test Solution DEVICE/UICC

For 3G testing the InterLab Test Solution Device/UICC offers the test platform TP 146 with test case packages covering 3G (FDD) requirements of PTCRB and GCF.

The InterLab Test Platform 146 for
USIM and USAT interworking with UTRA (3G) networks

provides test cases according to

  • USIM interaction in 3G networks (FDD) according to 3GPP TS 31.121
  • USAT interaction in 3G networks (FDD) according to 3GPP TS 31.124


  • GCF Work Item #   10 ⇒ 3G USIMGCF certification at 7layers
  • GCF Work Item #   35 ⇒ 3G USAT
  • GCF Work Item # 104 ⇒  steering of roaming, FDD R’99
  • GCF Work Item # 160 ⇒ USIM (NI)
  • GCF Work Item # 230 ⇒ 3G & LTE  USAT
    “REFRESH” command enhancements
  • PTCRB RFT   29 ⇒ 3G USIM
  • PTCRB RFT   58 ⇒ 3G USAT
  • PTCRB RFT 108 ⇒ 3G USAT

As supporting test platform manufacturers, 7layers contributes to GCF Working Group, PTCRB RFT and TSG CT WG 6 and has an early insight in upcoming developments.

The 3G USIM/USAT test platform TP 146 has been validated for usage with R&S®CMW500. Test platforms for usage with network emulators from other providers are available upon request.

Upgrade for InterLab Test Solution 3G USIM/USAT

Users of InterLab Test Solution 3G USIM/USAT which currently works in combination with the R&S®CRTU-W,
can upgrade their existing solution to the InterLab Test Solution DEVICE/UICC in combination with test platform 3G USIM/USAT and others in an efficient and cost effective way.