2G SIM test package
PTCRB certification testing for SIM applications   

2G, short for second-generation cellular network technology, is still used in most parts of the world, mainly for voice and slow data communications. With help of the SIM card it is possible to identify and authenticate subscribers of mobile wireless devices (such as mobile phones and computers) and to store contact information.

Interlab Test Solution Device/UICC for 2G SIM certification testing

The listed test platform 146 of the Interlab Test Solution DEVICE/UICC can be equipped with validated test packages for SIM applications in 2G networks.

The test package includes test cases for                                                        

  • SIM interaction in 2G networks according to 3GPP TS 51.010

The test package covers

  • PTCRB RFT 000 ⇒  for 2G SIM
  • Further test cases can be obtained upon request

The 2G SIM test package for the Interlab Test Solution Device/UICC has been validated for usage with R&S®CMW500.