Interlab Climatic Chamber Control
Stand-alone control for environmental condition-related testing

The InterLab Climatic Chamber Control is a stand-alone control for climatic chambers that support automated, environmental condition-related testing. It can also be used to enhance InterLab Test Engines.


  • Software can be run in automated and manual modes
  • Limitation of maximum temperature operating range of a climatic chamber
  • Definition of waiting-time for temperature to settle after target value has been reached
  • Provision of error logs
  • Automated interface between InterLab Test Engine and climatic chamber

Available for

  • Espec SU 241
  • Thermotron S1.2 3800
  • Voetsch VT 4002
  • Voetsch VTM7004
  • Weiss Technik KWP 120
  • … further developments upon request