Interlab Test Solution Bluetooth® RF – Testability Check
Speed up test projects on Interlab Test Solution Bluetooth RF with the Testability Check Setup Option

7layers has created a new Setup Option for its Interlab Test Solution Bluetooth® RF to speed up test projects considerably.

The InterLab Test Solution Bluetooth RF – Testability Check

  • verifies the automation interfaces of a Bluetooth enabled device and the signaling of the device
  • has the same software framework as the Interlab Test Solution Bluetooth RF – Conformance Tester, utilizing the same automation, framework and signaling
  • exports the configurations and ensures the device is ready to perform testing
  • identifies issues with automation, signaling and continuous operations
  • is a great add on for owners of a R&S® CMW or CBT

Testability-Check Use Cases

Bluetooth device manufacturers

Bluetooth device manufacturer who have the need to better prepare their test project for a BQTF will benefit greatly from the new “Testability Check” setup option, especially if they can combine it with their own R&S®CBT or R&S®CMW.

The Testability Check allows the user to verify the behavior of a Bluetooth device in terms of test automation, signaling, timing and continuous operation in the same software environment used by a BQTF, but in the comfort of their own office or lab. This helps to identify and resolve common issues ahead of time which often cause significant delays and costs in Bluetooth RF Qualification testing.

Bluetooth Qualification Test Facilities

Bluetooth Qualification Test Facilities can apply the same approach. In their case the Testability Check can be combined with the Interlab Test Solution Bluetooth RF – Conformance Tester. It helps identify whether a Bluetooth device is ready for official qualification testing. This increases the number of projects which can be completed within a week, frees up time from expensive lab resources and reduces qualification test times. Bluetooth Qualification Test Facilities (BQTFs) using the InterLab® Test Solution Bluetooth® RF benefit from the Testability Check Setup Option  by means of a desktop work station with minimal hardware – the Interlab Test Solution Controller – during the device preparation stage. After device preparation, the automation and RF signaling settings can be seamlessly transferred to the Conformance Tester. By using a second, less expensive and easier to handle workstation for troubleshooting, you can run qualification testing almost continuously on the conformance test system without having to go back and make changes to the device setup. This will make laboratories more cost efficient and increase the amount of qualification projects they can take on.