InterLab Test Solution Bluetooth(R)RF

The InterLab Bluetooth RF Test Solution provides the complete validated RF test coverage for Bluetooth standard versions 2.0 + EDR, 2.1 + EDR, 3.0 + HS (High Speed) and 4.x. (Bluetooth low energy, Bluetooth Smart, Bluetooth Smart Ready wireless technologies). It is validated in accordance with Bluetooth SIG requirements, thus meeting Bluetooth Qualification requirements. The test solution can be used for both development and qualification testing.

NEW: To cover the latest Bluetooth 5 specification, adopted on 6 Dec 2016 by the Bluetooth SIG, 7layers offers a brand new test case package to get you ready for Bluetooth 5 Qualification testing.

The InterLab Test Solution Bluetooth RF provides the highest level of automation in order to speed up repetitive, time-consuming procedures. It uses advanced object-under-test automation techniques, adaptive signaling methods and configurable repeat scenarios. For extreme condition testing, an Electronic Man Machine Interface and Climatic Chamber Control help to further decrease test duration and minimize potential testing errors.

The test solution comes as a complete Bluetooth RF test system, including all the required hardware built into a rack, or as an upgrade of the R&S TS8960 / TS8965 Bluetooth RF Tester, with multiple variants available.

Test specifications and requirements covered

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Complete validated RF test coverage
in accordance with Bluetooth SIG requirements
for Bluetooth standard versions

  • 2.0 + EDR
  • 2.1 + EDR
  • 3.0 + HS
    for applications and use cases requiring higher data throughput
  • 4.x.  Bluetooth low energy, Bluetooth Smart, Bluetooth Smart Ready wireless technologies
    for ultra-low power wireless devices

Scope of delivery

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Available Test Case Packages for Bluetooth RF testing

  • Basic rate – RF
  • Enhanced Data Rate (EDR), incl. enhanced power control – TRM14
  • Baseband EDR timing – protocol
  • Low energy – RF
  • Further extensions available on offer

Delivery options

  • Complete Bluetooth RF test system, including all required hardware built into a rack, multiple variants available
  • Upgrade of R&S TS8960 / TS8965 Bluetooth RF tester, multiple variants available

Benefit from automated, reproducible testing and
reliable results 

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  • Intuitive user interface
    for selection of test sequences, test groups and repeat scenarios
  • Sophisticated test sequence compilation
    based on test parameters and test conditions
  • Configurable repeat scenarios
  • High level of automation
    • Object-under-test automation
      includes initial configuration, test remote control, power cycling…
    • Automated execution and termination of external programs
      e.g. batch jobs, trace tools, triggered by start and end of tests
    • Full automation of test sequences – optional function:
      uses the remote control (Host Controller Interface) of the object-under-test,
      test sequences can be performed without user interaction,
      thus decreasing test time and errors
  • Control of auxiliary equipment
    e.g. power supplies or climatic chambers – optional
  • Adaptive connection management
  • Intelligent link re-establishment
    in case of link loss during lengthy test cases
    to safeguard already performed measurements