Interlab Test Solution Bluetooth® RF – Automation Explorer
Verify your Bluetooth device automation-interface and speed up BQTF testing

The Bluetooth® Automation Explorer is a free setup option of the Interlab Test Solution Bluetooth RF. It is free to download from the 7layers support page. With our Automation Explorer you can verify your Bluetooth RF device automation-interfaces before sending your Bluetooth device to the 7layers BQTF for testing. Of course it is also possible to export the verified configurations to your own or any other Interlab Test Solution Bluetooth RF- Conformance Tester or Interlab Test Solution Bluetooth RF – Pre-Conformance.

The Automation Explorer can help speed up Bluetooth Device Under Test (DUT) test processes in your own lab or any BQTF considerably.

Free Automation Explorer Download and Documentation

The Bluetooth Automation Explorer allows manufacturers to set up and verify the Bluetooth automation interface (USB, RS-232, Android Debug Bridge (ADB), BTCLI, etc.) of their device and its protocol in the comfort of their office, before submitting them to a 3rd party test lab. This approach significantly streamlines the project preparation process and speeds up the test project considerably.

Please contact info@7layers.com for further information.

Bluetooth Automation Explorer - get ready for testing