Bluetooth RF Test Set-ups

7layers has been offering Bluetooth(R) qualification testing right from the beginning of the Bluetooth technology. Once we started developing our InterLab Test Management System and our InterLab Test Products it was therefore a logical step for us to develop our own InterLab Test Solution Bluetooth RF. This is by now world’s most successful Bluetooth RF Test System and is used in the majority of Bluetooth Qualification Test Facilities (BQTFs).

But the requirements regarding Bluetooth Qualification testing are changing continuously and the products, the Bluetooth technology is implemented in, vary considerably. This makes it more difficult for BQTFs and manufacturers implementing Bluetooth technology to prepare their devices in such a way that the test process in a BQTF runs smoothly.  For this reason 7layers now offers additional test set-ups and tools which can help you to prepare Bluetooth devices for testing considerably.

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