Interlab Test Solution Bluetooth® RF
Ease Bluetooth RF test processes with a variety of Bluetooth test solution setup optionsServices for Bluetooth wireless technology

The Interlab Test Solution Bluetooth® RF is currently world’s most successful Bluetooth RF Test System. It is used in the majority of Bluetooth Qualification Test Facilities (BQTFs) both in 3rd party and in-house laboratories.

The requirements regarding Bluetooth Qualification testing are changing continuously, and the variety of products with implemented Bluetooth technology is enormous. This makes it difficult for manufacturers and BQTFs to prepare devices for smoothly running test processes. 7layers has used its experiences as a leading BQTF and developed several setup options for its Interlab test solution Bluetooth RF. Depending on your requirements you can now choose the combination that best suits your needs.

Choose between different setup options for the Interlab Test Solution Bluetooth RF

Or various setup options help prepare Bluetooth devices for testing and ensure streamlined pre-conformance and conformance test processes. If required, the Interlab Test Solution Bluetooth RF can be fully integrated and operated via the Interlab EVO test management solution.

Trust 7layers Bluetooth expertise when choosing your next Bluetooth RF test solution setup

7layers has been offering Bluetooth qualification testing right from the beginning of the Bluetooth technology. Once we started developing our Interlab Test Management System and our Interlab Test Products, it was therefore a logical step to develop a test solution for the Bluetooth wireless technology. To start with, this was merely a conformance tester, which was updated regularly with new test case packages in order to keep inline with the development of the latest Bluetooth versions. However the growing complexity of Bluetooth devices and qualification requirements let market needs developed further. Today the Bluetooth test solution comes with a choice of test setups, ideally supporting the needs of 3rd party test labs and manufacturers’ in-house laboratories.