Verification Lifecycle Management with Interlab EVO
Interlab EVO supports the verification lifecycle management of such products or services that play a role within the IoT.

The system supports the handling of

  • changes to product or service requirements
  • changes to quality policies
  • updates to the product or service itself

Verification Lifecycle

Verification Lifecycle Management Workflow

1. Describe product or service requirements

  • Choose requirements from a pre-defined list
  • Describe your requirements manually
  • Upload requirements from other sources

2. Choose quality policy


3. Generate test plan


4. Perform testing

  • Handle test samples
  • Initiate tests
  • Import test results into the system, either
    • fully automatically or
    • manually, depending on your choice of Interlab EVO components

5. Generate test reports

  • Test reports can be handled fully automatically by connecting Microsoft Office templates to the Interlab EVO data base.
  • In addition to some directly available test report templates, you can easily generate and upload your own templates to the Interlab EVO system for future use.

6. Analyze issues


Based on the outcome of your testing, you will receive concise overviews which help to analyze the issues. Depending on your analysis it may be necessary to consider changes, which can be reflected in Interlab EVO based on

  • Product or service requirements updates
  • Quality policy updates
  • Specifications updates

7. Control product of service versions


Due to a strict version control of requirements and product or service implementations, you are provided with a consistent overview of the different product or service versions. This ensures their traceability over the complete verification lifecycle.