Benefits of Interlab EVO
Complex test management processes benefit from Interlab EVO

Interlab EVO streamlines complex test management processes. It brings an end to the feared loss of test project data, inefficient use of test resources, wrongly generated test plans etc. As a scalable solutions, that covers the growing requirements of a Smarter World and the IoT, it is the ideal test management solutions for a variety of users groups.

Manufacturers choose Interlab EVO because they need…


…a seamless solution

Let your project management, the R&D team, the test lab team and the quality assurance team work together on ONE tool, the Interlab EVO collaboration platform.
No more errors due to unnecessary systems change.

Trace test results back to the device-under-test and its respective requirements – thanks to a stringent version control.
Speedy product development.

…an open content management system

The system can cover various radio test purposes. Important at a time when smart devices are ever more complex and your teams have to handle a number of technologies.
Smooth workflow, reduced error rate.

Easily import product features, requirements, specifications according to your own Quality Policy or other certification bodies. Upload and re-use specific report templates.
Test environment that matches your needs

Upgrade the system with “ready-to-use content packages from 7layers”. Your system automatically covers the continuously changing requirements of regulatory bodies and industry interest groups.
Reliable and fast.

Use the test plan generator component. OR: Import test plans from Interlab LIVE or other sources.
Convenient and cost effective.

…a reliable system

The proven Interlab Test Management System for mobile manufacturers’ test labs from 7layers has been on the market for 15 years.
Now comes Interlab EVO! The next evolution of test management.

Bring your lab up to accreditation standard with Interlab EVO and support from 7layers. Test reports are as valuable as test reports from any accredited 3rd party test lab.
Independent from 3rd party test labs.

Use Interlab EVO for pre-certification tests to ideally prepare your devices for the final certification in a 3rd party test house.
Time and cost effective.

…a web-based system

Ease the communication between your teams.
Real time, complete, frictionless communication

Choose between several hosting possibilities.
Suit your standards.

…a scalable, adaptable system

Cover chief functions of a test management system with a “minimum set of components”. With additional components you extend the usage of Interlab EVO.
Extendable system.

Adapt the number of users and connected laboratories to match the size of your organization.
Economical – pay for what you need.

Service Providers benefit from Interlab EVO because…


…it is an open content management system

Smart Services providers have to make sure that the services, devices, platforms and applications in use adhere to Connectivity Requirements plus requirements such as Data Security, Accountability or end2end Quality of Service. See SODA model. Interlab EVO eases content upload of features, requirements, specifications, quality policies etc. and handles all these within ONE system.
Interlab EVO can handle the complete lifecycle of Smart Services processes from requirements management, to test plan generation, to testing, analysis and change management. It can be used to organize a multitude of requirements.

State-of-the-art, ready-to-use Content Packages from 7layers for testing wireless connected devices can be imported to the system.
For such use cases you do not need experts in house. The system helps to keep personnel costs under control.

…it is a web-based system

Do you work together with several organizations and teams on one and the same project?
In that case you need ONE system that is accessible from almost anywhere and that provides information in real-time, like Interlab EVO.

Do you have to ensure the confidentiality, authenticity and integrity of the data that are being processed at the same time?
Then Interlab EVO is the right choice as it conforms to ISO 17025 regulations and offers several external and private hosting options.

…it is a scalable, adaptable system

In case your service is still growing, you may not know how many people have to work on the Interlab EVO system. No worry! The number of users and/or laboratories can be adapted to your needs.
The flexible system grows with your requirements.

If you have not used a test management system before it may be difficult to know the exact requirements. In that case, simply start with our “minimum set of components” and enhance the system later on.
You can extend it when necessary.

Certification Organizations see advantages in Interlab EVO


The scalable and adaptable solution

Certification Organizations can easily develop their own test and certification portals based on some of the components of Interlab EVO. Such portals provide manufacturers and other users with a systemized access to certification criteria, change requests, information about test systems, test cases and their validations status.
The number of users as well as the branding can be adapted to your organization’s needs.

The web-based solution

Certification portals designed with Interlab EVO can be reached from almost any part in the world. Certification criteria can be presented in a clear fashion, while assuring a high level of actuality as well as performance and security.
Publications of updates can be made public instantaneously to a large number of users.

The open content management system

7layers provides maintenance services for certification portals of the wireless industry, taking care of the correctness and actuality of the data in use. In case our services are not suited to your requirements however, it is easily possible to import your own requirements, test specifications, test cases, test equipment data etc. to the system.
Content can easily be imported and maintained 

Third Party Test Labs benefit from Interlab EVO because…


Interlab EVO is scalable & adaptable

The number of users and/or laboratories can be adapted to your needs.
Pay only for what you need.

A “minimum set of components” covers the chief functions of a test management system. Additional components enhance the usage of the system.
Extend the system whenever it suits you.

Interlab EVO is a seamless solution

It offers a consistent process from requirements management to testing to test report analysis. Once the process is understood, handling becomes routine-like and fast.
Avoid errors due to unnecessary systems change.
Ease exchange of personnel between teams because they all use ONE system.

Interlab EVO is web-based

Cloud hosting, external hosting (shared/VPS) or dedicated (private) hosting is possible.
Choose the hosting option best suited to your and your customers requirements.

Interlab EVO keeps clients informed

By having web-access to their projects, customers reach out to concise project overviews with clearly arranged metrics and well-defined KPI’s.
Make your customers happy.

Interlab EVO is an open content management system

The system can cover multiple radio test purposes, a “must” as smart devices are becoming more and more complex.
Reduce handling errors and speed up the process by using only ONE tool for multiple radio technologies.

You can import technology content (test specifications, test cases, quality policies) and report templates to Interlab EVO.
Create your own individual test environment.

Purchase 7layers “ready-to-use content packages” for wireless test demands.
Conveniently provide your lab with up to date technology and market access requirements.

In case you don’t use the test plan generator component, you can generate test plans via InterLab LIVE and import them to Interlab EVO. Test plans from other sources can also be imported.
Choose the most cost effective and convenient way to work together with Interlab EVO. Change it any time you like.