Automated Test Plan Generation with Interlab EVO
With the Interlab EVO Test Plan Generator you can create device specific test plans fully automatically.

You simply have to

  1. describe the device-under-test via a
    • market access specific, guided questionnaire or
    • import your product data via a spreadsheet
  2. choose a quality policy that has been generated within the system or uploaded beforehand (see: ready-to-use Content Packages from 7layers).
  3. press the “Go” button and get an up-to-date test plan within minutes
  4. the test plan can then be imported into the Interlab EVO Test Management System
  5. if necessary the automatically generated test plan can later be adapted manually.  In case of product or requirement changes you can automatically generate “delta test plans” for your project. The output will always be a detailed, device specific test plan.

Test Plan Generation

Test plans from other sources

  • In case you have prepared test plans with other Interlab sources, these can also be smoothly imported to Interlab EVO.
  • Should you prefer to use test plans from other sources, these can be imported into the Interlab EVO Test Management component.