Test Requirements Management System of Interlab EVO
All test requirements are reliably managed within the Interlab EVO Test Requirements Management System.

The Test Requirements Management System can be used as a unique source of all your test management data, including specifications, quality policies and test plan generation. Thanks to a stringent version control, the entire revision history of requirements and test cases remains available within the system and therefore traceable throughout their entire lifecycle.

Various data import interfaces are supported.

Test Requirements Management System



The “Specifications” component is a standard feature of the Test Requirements Management System. Here you can manage

  • product or services features and requirements
  • test specifications, test cases and test parameters
  • correlations of requirements to test cases (applicability expressions)
  • issue handling
  • gap analysis – whether each requirement can be tested
  • documentation of specifications into standard office formats or pdf’s
  • import and export of spreadsheets

Quality Policy

If required you can add the “Quality Policy” component to the test requirements management system containing

  • definitions of work items
  • management of test platform information
  • tracing of test platform validation information
  • definition of mandatory, optionally and future proposed test cases

Interlab Test Plan Generator

Users can further enhance the Test Requirements Management System with our unique “Interlab Test Plan Generator”.

The Test Plan Generator enables you to create product or service specific test plans fully automatically. After filling in a questionnaire guided product description the test plan generator combines the specifications and quality policies via intrinsic applicability rules, to create a ready-to-use detailed test plan automatically.

Use Cases

The Interlab EVO Test Requirements Management System can be used

  • in combination with the Interlab EVO Test Management System
  • or as a stand-alone system that manages
    • the tracking of  specifications and certification criteria
    • the automated creation of test plans

Currently the Interlab EVO Test Requirements Management System is in use by leading certification organizations and network operators of the wireless world.