Test Result Import with Interlab EVO
The more test results you create, the more important it becomes to import them automatically into a test management system, if you want to ensure a fast and error-free process.

Thanks to the “Result Import” component of Interlab EVO, test results can be uploaded into the system automatically and linked to the respective test plan. Supported file formats can be spreadsheets, XML or RTF files. With the help of different parsers used in combination with configuration and mapping rules, you can configure externally provided files so that they match the Interlab EVO data structure.

A further extension are the Interlab Test Engines, which connect Interlab EVO to the test systems in use. Interlab test engines support the configuration of test systems, initiate test sessions and automatically upload test results into the test management system. Contact for further details on the adopted test platforms.

import test results with Interlab EVO

structured process for test-result import