Ready-to-use content packages for Interlab EVO
For ease of use you can extend the Interlab EVO system with ready-to-use content packages describing specifications and/or quality policies.

Based on the 7layers expertise in wireless testing and certification, we have prepared ready-to-use content packages. These are ideally suited to work in combination with Interlab EVO.  As an active member of all relevant standardization and committee groups within the wireless world, 7layers collects, analyses and compiles all relevant information to create the “ready-to-use” content packages for Interlab EVO and offers continuous updates.

Content packages for Interlab EVO

Ready-to-use content packages from 7layers contain

  • Specifications
  • Quality Policies
  • Test specifications, test case descriptions, test platform versions
  • Technical certification rules
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Questionnaires for test plan generation
  • Plug-ins for test plan optimization
  • Report templates

Content packages for Interlab EVO from 7layers will cover

 7layers Content Packages for Interlab EVO
  • GCF
  • Verizon Wireless
  • Bluetooth®
  • FCC (UD)
  • RED (R&TTE) (UD)
  • ISED / IC Canada (UD)

7layers maintenance services for Interlab EVO content packages

Content packages are subject to continuous upgrades and changes. Based on the 7layers expert know-how and our participation in leading standardization groups, we monitor the ongoing developments regarding specifications and quality policies and update the content packages accordingly.
Depending on your service level agreement (SLAs) the intervals for content updates differ:

  • SLA 1: Daily content updates
  • SLA 2: Quarterly content updates
  • SLA 3: Yearly content updates
  • SLA 4: On demand content updates

7layers ready-to-use content packages – a reliable and efficient way for up-to-date and correct test and certification processes.

Please notice
7layers content packages for Interlab EVO will be rolled out during 2016, starting with releases for

  • GCF
  • Verizon Wireless
  • Bluetooth

Contact for further details.