Wearable devices
Succeed in the landscape of wearable technologies with 7layers

frontpic-wearableWearable devices with integrated wireless technology can enhance many different areas of our lives. A large number of devices are designed for usage within the fitness or health sector, but child monitoring, service & maintenance activities and many other actions can also be supported.

While such an environment brings many advantages for the end-user, its functionality is also highly complex and inherently prone to error. Smart Services with integrated wearable devices will only bring the promised advantages to the end-user – and gain wide market acceptance – if all the elements involved harmonize consistently with each other and function faultlessly.

Based on our outstanding experience in the wireless world, 7layers is able to support module and end-product manufacturers, trading organizations as well as Smart Service providers with a comprehensive portfolio.

We currently offer a range of standard wearable test services together with a customized approached for a more market-orientated test environment. Read here about the specific challenges of Evaluating Body Worn Wireless Devices.

Test and Market Access Services
for Wearables

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In order to provide additional benefits, wearable devices
are often connected to Smart Services. These are based on
the analysis of the data which has been transmitted by the
wearable device. In order to make such a Smart Service
reliable and secure, one has to understand the underlying
processes, stakeholders and essential requirements. For this
purpose, 7layers has developed its SODA® model

We support you in developing and managing the approval
and maintenance processes required for complete Smart
Services lifecycles. This is based on our comprehensive
experience with complex wireless devices and applications.

  • CONSULTANCY: Process analysis, requirements management, test process management,
  • ENGINEERING SERVICES: Development of specifications, test programs, test cases
  • INTERLAB TEST MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: requirements management throughout the complete services life-
    cycle management.


 Brochure – Wearable Devices and Smart Services