Test laboratories and test systems for wireless technologies
Wireless test labs and test systems benefit from a reliable partnership with 7layers 

Reliable partnerships for a smarter world

Test laboratories and test systems manufacturers are at the same time partners and clients of 7layers. The complex and time-crucial developments that often confront the wireless communications sector demand a close cooperation between several members in the industry. Only then can services be developed that enhance the user experience and pave the way to a smarter world. This kind of cooperation clearly demands trustful collaboration and high level expertise that 7layers has built up over the years in order to promote ubiquitous wireless connectivity.

Test laboratories

Test laboratories throughout the world are using our Interlab software components either for the full-scale management of their labs or as individual Interlab test solutions. They benefit from our state-of-the-art technology and certification expertise, which stems not only from many years experience but also from our active participation in the leading industry boards. By relying on InterLab software components and systems, test laboratories can be sure that the services they are offering their customers are always correct and up-to-date.

In order to make testing procedures easy for our clients and offer them a comprehensive service portfolio, 7layers has set up a global network of partner laboratories, which is being continuously expanded. Especially if in-country testing is mandatory, or if very special test cases are required that are not widely available, we work together with our partner laboratories to accomplish global market access requirements.

Test system manufacturers

Especially during the early development phase of new wireless technologies, 7layers has supported test system manufacturers with test case development services even in advance of official releases by the standards and certification bodies.

For validation of test cases and test system validation manufacturers have to rely on an experienced, trustworthy  partner. 7layers has been supporting the industry with such services for years and often supported test systems manufacturers in becoming “the first” with offering fully validated and approved test platforms for example for GCF, PTCRB and service providers.

Good working relationships and close cooperation ensure that both the Interlab software components and the Interlab Test Solutions interface seamlessly with test systems from leading manufacturers such as Rohde & Schwarz, Anritsu, Anite, Collis etc.