Core technology providers
Market access of wireless chipsets and modules runs smoothly – with 7layers wireless experience

Leading manufacturers of modules, reference designs, chipsets and protocol stacks have been customers of 7layers for many years. Core technology drivers, who are looking for support during the early phases of an emerging wireless application or technology, benefit from our expertise in the areas of requirements management, test specification and test case development and/or validation. Once a certain development level has been achieved, 7layers supports the industry with testing, integration, certification and type approval services.

Chipset and protocol stack manufacturers

Whether information can be transmitted securely, accurately and in real-time depends largely on the functionality of chipsets and protocol stacks. Testing on conformance test equipment in 7layers’ accredited laboratories provides early evidence as to whether or not they are performing according to industry standards and customer expectations. We offer

Wireless module and reference design manufacturers

The services of an experienced partner like 7layers help ensure that your wireless module or reference design achieves the highest level of customer satisfaction. We offer

  • Customized certification schemes for end-products  with integrated wireless modules

7layers’ certification programs enable module manufacturers to offer their customers an advanced level of support, while keeping the work required for necessary certification and type approval updates to a minimum.

Module manufacturers need to keep clients informed about software updates and other changes concerning modules that are already on the market. This can be a particularly time-consuming task in the M2M area, where module manufacturers tend to deal with client groups that require a lot of technology support.

The 7layers certification programs make it is easy to identify and to communicate those changes to a module that are going to incur additional test, certification and type approval work.

  • Module integration test

When module integrators are dissatisfied with the functionality of their products they sometimes suspect the fault to be in the integrated module. Our tests help to identify the real cause of the error and determine how to respond more effectively to integrators’ requirements.

We check

  • the way the module has been integrated
  • whether changes have been made to the module’s functionalities
  • whether the antenna is working satisfactorily
  • Module testing & global market access

7layers accredited test laboratories offer automated, state-of-the-art test procedures for a large variety of wireless communication technologies. Our market access services cover certification (PTCRB, GCF, Bluetooth(R), operator approvals, etc.) and global type approval handling services. Manufacturers benefit from a wealth of experience and our comprehensive technology know-how. Close collaboration with leading test system manufacturers enables us to provide test services at a very early stage of new technological developments.