IoT services portfolio of 7layers
Set-up, evaluation and lifecycle management of smart IoT services – supported by 7layers

A Smart Services process consists of many elements such as connected M2M devices, Smartphones, personal computers, mobile networks, data platforms, applications etc. For a Smart Services process to be successful, all process elements must be easy to set-up, function smoothly and provide services at a marketable price. Nevertheless they must also adhere to a large variety of existing rules and regulations as well as proprietary specifications. Once they have been set-up, they need to be continuously monitored and maintained.

The 7layers portfolio for Smart Services lifecycle management supports Stakeholders in setting up and maintaining Smart Services processes. Our portfolio encompasses consultancy, engineering services, testing and market access services as well as lifecycle management support.

Complexities of a Smart Services Process

Connectivity, Data Security, Accountability and Quality of Smart Services are the essential requirements a Smart Services process has to fulfill.

Soda-RequirementsHowever not only the

                • connected devices
                  but also
                • applications
                • data platforms
                • and the Smart Services themselves


must be evaluated to ensure that such processes function properly and are in accordance with both official and proprietary rules & regulations.

Due to this, the applicable qualification requirements are increasing and with them the number of test specifications, test systems and test capabilities that are necessary to control a Smart Services process. 

Depending on the test results and the subsequent analysis, changes will become necessary not only to the features under test but also to the specifications, quality policies, test specifications, test cases and test capabilities. It is obvious that the complexities of Smart Services processes and the Internet of Things cannot be handled without reliable supporting tools that provide efficient verification & validation processes.

Based on years of experience with the mobile communications and M2M industries, 7layers offers a comprehensive services and product portfolio for the Smart Services / IoT environment:


  • Information about players & partners within a Smart Services lifecycle
  • Engineering steps including
    • process analysis for requirements management, verification & validation management
  • Market access requirements
  • Test laboratory management

Engineering services

  • Requirements management
    • requirements identification, capturing, testability
  • Risk analysis
  • Development of specifications
  • Development and management of test specifications
  • Quality policy development, e.g. certification, qualification program
  • Development of test solutions and test cases
  • Verification & validation of
    • test requirements
    • test specifications
    • test cases
    • test programs
    • test systems

Testing and market access services for

  • Connected devices
  • Smart service quality, i.e. applications /end-2-end
  • Service platforms

Lifecycle management

  • Our InterLab software system is ideally suited to handling the complex development and lifecycle management tasks of Smart Services processes, including management of requirements, specifications, test cases and test capabilities.
  • We also develop customized test solutions to cover specific needs when setting up a proprietary Smart Services / IoT solution.