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Set a new standard for the connected home with expertise from 7layers

7layers supports the market with services for both7layers supports smart home service providers and device manufacturers

a) Smart Home
Services Providers

b) Smart Home
Device Manufacturers

Due to the constantly changing and fragmented technology landscape of the connected home market, creating a seamless customer experience gets exponentially difficult. Additionally the Smart Home market faces a new level of scrutiny from users with higher requirements regarding connectivity, interoperability, data security, accountability and service quality.

Having a trusted partner such as 7layers can help overcome the complexities of the ever changing user expectations, market compliance demands and the continuously increasing technology requirements.

a) Smart Home Service Providers
benefit from 7layers full service

Developing smart services for the home often requires several wireless technologies, connected devices, data platforms and applications to work together to meet customers’ requirements. The 7layers portfolio for Smart Home services supports stakeholders to set up and maintain smart services processes. Our portfolio encompasses consulting, engineering, testing and market access services, as well as lifecycle management support. That way we help identify, establish and maintain requirements for a connected home service.

Based on years of experience with the mobile communications and M2M industries, 7layers offers a comprehensive services and product portfolio for the Smart Home service providers:

  • Consulting Services
    • Smart Services initial survey
    • Analysis of suitable technologies
    • Essential market access requirements
    • Benchmarking
    • Description of measures
  • Engineering services
    • Requirements management
    • Requirements capturing and documentation, testability
    • Development of specifications
    • Development and management of test specifications and test cases
    • Quality policy development, e.g. certification, qualification program
    • Development of test solutions
    • Verification & validation of
    • Test requirements
    • Test specifications
    • Test cases
    • Test programs
    • Test systems
  • Market access services for
    • Connected devices
    • Smart service quality, i.e. applications /end-2-end verification
  • Service platforms
    • Lifecycle management
      Our InterLab EVO test management system is ideally suited to handling the complex development and lifecycle management tasks of Smart Services processes, including management of requirements, specifications, test cases and test capabilities.

b) Smart Home Device Manufacturers
rely on 7layers years’ of technology expertise

Without the right expertise, adding connectivity to a household device can be daunting, due to a completely new set of challenges around connectivity, interoperability, regulatory approvals, and wireless device certifications. On top of that, the usage of wireless technology for the connected home is under a considerable amount of uncertainty and continuous change.

7layers is a member of multiple wireless special interest groups and also works to establish test services for 3rd party service providers in the smart home market. As a member of the Bureau Veritas Group our services can be complemented with quality, health, safety and environmental test processes if applicable.

7layers not only offers a large variety of interoperability and radio conformance testing plus RF consulting services. We will also establish new test services for the connected home market as the wireless technologies evolve and you change with it. 7layers portfolio for Smart Home device manufacturers encompasses:

c) 7layers Smart Home Overview

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