M2M industries
M2M products and processes meet and-user requirements with 7layers

Whilst everyone is talking about M2M, the understanding of what it actually means differs. “Connected World” defines M2M as follows: “M2M connects people, devices, networks, and everyday objects while communicating and interpreting data that can be acted upon in a timely manner.” Keeping this in mind, M2M, and with it embedded wireless connectivity, has the potential to spread to a huge variety of devices and applications. However issues such as data throughput, interoperability, safety, security etc. have to be taken care of sufficiently to make this vision of a smarter world come true.

Manufacturers who are turning traditionally non-wireless devices into M2M products are confronted with new challenges. Besides choosing a suitable module and antenna they need to understand the implications that changes of housing, radiation, functionalities etc. have on product performance and certification. In addition to these functional requirements, applications need to be integrated so that they work satisfactorily throughout the whole value chain.

7layers not only offers regulatory and conformance testing in accordance with 3GPP, GCF, PTCRB, Bluetooth(R) SIG etc. but also supports M2M industries throughout the entire product life-cycle.

Services for M2M industries – overview

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