Industries benefitting from wireless technologies
Clients and Partners of 7layers employ wireless technologies for connected devices and IoT services

The 7layers group offers services and tools for the lifecycle management of Smart Services and Connected Devices. Based on our requirements management, verification & validation services we help ensure that our clients’ products and services live up to the demands of a smarter world. The 7layers centers and accredited test laboratories in North America, Europe and Asia work hand-in-hand with a large variety of industries involved in the continuous improvement and increased usage of wireless communication in all areas of modern life.

Our comprehensive technology know-how and our expertise in organizing automated, efficient validation procedures, coupled with a thorough understanding of the varying market access requirements, make us an ideal partner for industries in a number of sectors such as:

  • Smart Services / IOT (Internet of Things)
    Stakeholders in Smart Services processes, such as Smart Services originators, Smart Services service-providers, data platform operators, connected devices manufacturers, Smart Services actors
  • Technology Provider
    Manufacturers and vendors of chipsets, RF, protocol stacks, reference designs and modules
  • Mobile Devices
    Manufacturers and vendors of devices such as mobile phones, headsets, data cards, dongles, tablets etc.
  • M2M Industries
    Manufacturers and vendors of end-user products with integrated wireless connectivity (automotive, location tracking, wireless health, security systems etc.)
  • Automotive Devices
    Manufacturers and integrators of wireless automotive products and applications (telematics, infotainment, navigation, entertainment)
  • Service Providers
  • Network Operators
  • Test Industries
  • Wireless Associations
    PTCRB, GCF, CTIA, Bluetooth(R) SIG, FCC, R&TTE etc.