Test specification and test case development
Development support for IoT Services and products based on test specifications and test cases

7layers has many years of experience in developing detailed test specifications and test cases for a large variety of wireless technologies. Thanks to this insight we are an ideal partner when it comes to developing test specifications and test cases for IoT Services and/or the connected devices that are part of the process.

Basis for the development of test specifications and test cases is the set of pre-defined requirements specifications, as described here: Each requirement can be a candidate to be verified by using ONE respective test case. One or more test cases are grouped within a test specification. Test specifications can be structured according to technology aspects, IoT elements etc. Ideally a complete set of test specifications should cover all defined requirements specifications.

Test case structure

7layers has been developing test cases for the wireless industries for many years and at the very earliest development stages of new technologies. Thanks to the structure of our organization, our development services can also be complemented with strictly separate validation services.

Each test case must

  • reference the exact version of the IoT Service requirement it shall verify
  • specify its purpose
  • describe the test procedure that is needed to perform the test case
  • contain specified test requirements and criteria to formulate a verdict (passed, failed, inconclusive)
  • define the test set-up and operating mode of the object-under-test
  • define the complete test set-up, including configurations, parameters, interfaces between object-under-test and test equipment etc.

Test case description

Test cases at 7layers are defined by

  • informal descriptions in prose
  • semi-formal descriptions like MSC (message sequ4nce charts)
  • formal descriptions (e.g. TTCN)

IoT Services providers can trust the 7layers’ experience in developing test specifications and test cases for IoT Services and connected wireless devices, using a variety of radio technologies.