Customized test set-ups for IoT Services
Gain confidence that IoT Services function satisfactory with customized test set-ups from 7layers

IoT Services set-ups and their elements must comply to a range of official requirements, which can usually be validated with off-the-shelf test systems. However, if IoT Services providers need to be sure about specific aspects of their services (e.g. which wireless technology provides the best results) or if they want to monitor their service continuously, ready-to-use test systems are seldom suitable.
Should that be the case, customized test set-ups, adapted to a specific test task and environment provide the necessary insights and give providers the confidence that their IoT Services function satisfactory.

7layers has developed several Interlab Test Systems for complex wireless technologies and test procedures, fulfilling the requirements of Industry Interest Groups such as GCF or Bluetooth SIG. More recently we have developed individual test set-ups to prove complete IoT Services Processes end-to-end, or to establish the most suitable wireless technologies for specific users.

IoT test set-up offerings

7layers develops customized onsite test set-ups to cover the private quality requirements of IoT Services Providers and other stakeholders in an IoT process.

  • Depending on the use case such test set-ups can be very basic or automated to avoid manual handling errors,
  • If required our test set-ups can be connected to the Interlab EVO test management system, so that results once uploaded are easily accessible from anywhere, anytime.

IoT test set-up development

When developing customized test set-ups we undergo the following process


  • We analyze the respective requirements specifications, test specification and test cases
  • Together with the customer we define test solution requirements,interfaces, protocols, measurement accuracy, real-time requirements
  • We select measurement components from external suppliers


  • We set up the test framework and the development environment
  • We match the user interface to our customers’ demands
  • We adapt and attach measurement components from suppliers
  • By using various programming languages (e.g. TTCN, Phyton, C#…) we implement the test cases. If possible we implement both valid-and invalid-behaviour test cases to better evaluate the reaction of the object-under-test to errors.


  • To make sure the test set-up measurements fulfil the required standards, validation of the final solution and its incorporated test cases is advisable.
  • Due to the organizational structure of 7layers we provide development and validation processes from strictly divided teams, thus avoiding conflicting interests and ensuring reliable results.

Specific elements and requirements of IoT Services can be developed with the help of customized test set-ups from 7layers and/or continuously monitored throughout its lifecycle.