Device Failure Analysis Package

The Device Failure Analysis Package is ideal for customers whose device does not meet Radiated Spurious Emission (RSE) and/or over-the-air (OTA) performance, TIS or TRP.

The combination of an in-depth noise profiling executed by an experienced RF engineer and the results from our pre-evaluation testing, are the core elements of the device failure analysis package. We identify the unwanted emissions that cause your device’s performance degradation and provide recommendations on how to solve any discovered issues.

Device failure analysis at 7layers includes

  • Review of 2D and 3D drawings, schematics and Gerber files
  • RSE and OTA testing
  • Application of diagnostic techniques in a systematic way to investigate and improve circuit design
  • Recognition and reduction of the most common EMI antenna structures that cause emissions and immunity problems
  • Identification of EMI sources and apply solutions, including design reviews and troubleshooting at the component, PCB and system level
  • Verification of the antenna matching and performance

If your wireless device has failed certification first time, 7layers supports you to overcome this setback. We help you minimize the impact and delays caused by failing the test requirements, and make market access processes run as smoothly as possible from now on.