Quality Policy development for IoT Services and its elements
Quality Policies from 7layers – to help ensure that complete IoT Services and their elements adhere to pre-defined requirements

IoT Services providers must have confidence their service and all its elements meet the requirements not only of regulatory bodies, industry interest groups and suppliers to market, but also their own quality standards. To complement available certification and qualification policies, 7layers develops quality policies with a technical focus for IoT Services providers for a complete services set-up and/or its components.

Quality Policy scope

Aspects 7layers takes into account when developing a Quality Policy are

  • Requirements specifications and prioritization
  • Definition of quality gates
  • Efficiency considerations
  • Certain buinsess aspects
  • Roadmaps
  • Baselines etc.

Quality Policy description

Quality Policies at 7layers encompass both a structural and a technical description.

The structural description

The structural description contains the definition of operating processes such as the organizational structure and responsibilities, maintenance and lifecycle management processes and qualification processes. This is done by defining structures and rules for

  • permanent reference documents
  • roles within the qualification process
  • qualification / validation processes
  • document templates for various work items (change requests, validation reports, certificates …)
  • introduction of new requirements / new IoT Services elements
  • meetings or workshops

The technical description

The technical description comprises of

  • requirements that have been identified as relevant for qualification
  • test cases to evaluate the respective, identified requirements
  • applicability expressions to map requirements onto test cases
  • questionnaires to assess IoT Services features
  • assessment / test methods, taking an acceptable remaining risk into account
  • methods how to generate test plans and test reports

Quality Policy process management

Since requirements regarding an IoT Service and its many elements are changing over time, the respective service elements and quality polices will have to adapt accordingly. To support the suppliers of an IoT Services process and its Services Provider it is advisable to use appropriate databases to manage such a complex set-up continuously during its complete lifecycle. 7layers recommends its Interlab EVO system for the systematic verification of IoT requirements:

Quality Policies of IoT Services can be managed throughout their lifecycle with Interlab EVO


Aspects that have to be taken into consideration for an IoT-Service Quality-Policy process are

  • qualification status of the complete IoT Service and/or its elements (connected devices, applications, data platforms …)
  • applicability of requirements to test cases
  • status of applicable tests, test cases, test platforms etc.
  • change request management
  • version control

Depending on the point in time a Quality Policy should provide a list of applicable assessment requirements that has to be applied to a complete IoT Services process and/or its elements.