Module integration

Manufacturers integrating wireless modules into their new, smart products, have to follow wireless specific rules for testing, certification and labelling. 7layers has years of experience with short range devices and radio technologies such as LTE, HSPA, W-CDMA, GSM-family, Bluetooth, W-LAN, GPS, WiFi, NFC, JAVA, TETRA etc. And we have been working together with world’s leading module manufacturers for years. Our consultancy services can help you meet your time-to-market targets.

Market access consultancy

Depending on the radio technology in use, manufacturers have to make  sure their products meet certification and type approval requirements. Even if end-product manufacturers use already certified modules re-testing and further certification might be necessary. This is depending on the module itself and whether changes to the functionalities or the radiation were necessary. 7layers analysis the product and the integrated module to set-up an efficient testing and market access plan for a safe and efficient way to market.

End-user product manufacturers implementing wireless modules into their products have to follow a host of country specific, regulatory and type approval demands. Depending on the technologies in use, such products also may have to meet the requirements of certain certification regimes. Regulatory and certification requirements depend on factors like antenna integration, certification status of the module etc. Also the way the module has been built in, whether new functions have been added or the radiation has changed, may influence the certification requirements. Implementing already certified modules can keep the costs for end-user product certifications down.

Certification maintenance concepts

In case integrated modules are being updated end-products may need certain re-testing, certification and/or type approval. This can cause a lot of uncertainties and work for end-product manufactures. In order to minimize the necessary efforts, 7layers sets up certification concepts together with module manufacturers, which describe the conditions that need to be taken care of when integrating updated modules and which are the appropriate regulatory and certification requirements that now have to be fulfilled. Ask the 7layers team for further information on certification concepts and whether your module manufacturer is able to support these.