Technical Consulting for IoT Services
7layers technical consulting skills for long-lasting, successful IoT Services

Smart IoT services are complex constructions with many stakeholders involved. To make such processes successful, IoT Services Providers have to understand who the parties are, that are playing a role in the process, and then develop a joint concept, satisfying many parties, to achieve the required results. 7layers technical consulting services are suited to ease the initial set-up, or enhance and maintain already existing IoT Services.  IoT Services Providers benefit from using an independent, neutral partner who analysis the various elements of an IoT process objectively. Our technical consulting can consist of one or several of the following elements:

  • an initial survey of an IoT process
  • the identification of suitable technologiesSoda_Model_for_Smart_Services
  • the analysis of applicable essential requirements
  • benchmarking of suitable wireless technologies, suppliers and/or competitors
  • the definition of measures

Initial survey of an IoT process

First it is important that IoT Services Providers and their partners have a detailed, well-structured picture of the service set-up. For this purpose 7layers has developed its unique SODA® model, which illustrates the process and its stakeholders in terms of a dynamic procedure that must be continuously monitored once it has been set up.

We aim to get an objective overview of the various elements of a complete IoT service, the available specifications, essential requirements, existing verification & validation processes and supporting tools with which IoT processes are supervised once they have been established. The outcome will be a common understanding of the service for all involved parties and divisions. It will be suited to analyze the maturity level and to reveal potential, high level gaps of an IoT service.

Identification of suitable technologies

Choosing the most suitable technologies for a smart IoT service can be fundamental to its functionality, interoperability, costs and overall success. Based on our years of experience, 7layers has deep insight into the pros and cons of a large variety of radio technologies. We analyze the requirements and restrictions via a technology questionnaire, taking aspects such as location, message size, range, network structure, costs etc. into account.

The result of such an analysis process will be a clear decision matrix to help decide which are the best suited wireless technologies for the respective smart IoT service.

Analysis of applicable essential requirements

Due to the complexity of an IoT process, the process itself as well as all its elements have to adhere to a large number of official, legal requirements as well as to quality standards defined by industry interest groups or private enterprises. To keep track of such a complex task we structure the essential requirements according to

  • Smart Services components (connected devices, data platforms, action/ application, full IoT service) and
  • Requestors (regulatory bodies, industry interest groups, suppliers to market, private quality policies)

Based on the priorities defined by an IoT Services Provider we identify the key-applicable, essential requirements for business success, compare these with the requirements that have already been covered and provide a gap analysis.


Benchmarking services shall provide an IoT Services Provider with valuable information regarding possible services implementations, competitors, suppliers and/or technologies. Based on our overview of the respective advantages and disadvantages, IoT Services Providers can make a well-founded decision on how best to proceed with the set-up or further development of their IoT Services Process.

Definition of respective measures

The definition of measures follows the initial survey, definition of suitable technologies, establishment of key requirements or benchmarking. We compare the issues that may have been established with our customers aspired goals. Together with our customers we define methods to bring an IoT Service up to the desired quality and confidence level and to support the business success of its stakeholders.

Once a catalogue of measures has been established, 7layers can support its customers with respective

  • engineering services like
    • requirements capturing
    • specification development
    • requirements and specification management
    • test specification & test case development
    • quality policy development
    • test set-up development and test case implementation
  • verification & validation processes
  • supporting tools for the verification lifecycle management of IoT Services