Antenna integration and antenna design services

Manufacturers often underestimate the complexities that arise when off-the-shelf antennas are to be integrated into new products with wireless connectivity. Aspects such as the involvement of different technologies, housing, shielding, cable routing etc. influence the antenna performance. Our antenna experts have many years of experience with wireless technologies, antenna design, testing, manufacturing and market access procedures. 7layers runs a variety of antenna test set-ups for R&D and performance testing. This means we can provide an ideal service package to support the earliest possible market launch for your product.

Antenna performance is influenced by

  • Supported frequency bands
  • Available space for antennas
  • Distance to other electronic components
  • Housing
  • Mechanics
  • Shielding
  • Regulatory and certification demands

How to integrate off-the-shelf antennas
into short-range devices

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The integration of antennas into short-range devices that support technologies like Bluetooth, WLAN, or WiMAX is comparatively straightforward.

However for devices with WWAN (wireless wide area networks) applications, off-the-shelf antennas are seldom the right choice. Further complications can arise when devices support several technologies and/or several frequency bands with high bandwidth requirements. The lower the frequencies are, the stronger the interaction of antennas with their environment becomes. As a result, embedded antennas supporting, for example, frequency bands below 1 GHz must be specifically designed for building into handheld-sized devices. Also materials, mechanical constraints and manufacturing technologies need to be taken into account.

Based on our antenna integration consultancy and test services you will be able to decide whether an off-the-shelf antenna is sufficient and which is the right choice for you. In case only a customized antenna fulfills your requirements, turn to the 7layers experts.

For off-the-shelf antennas we offer antenna integration, tuning and optimization support.

Antenna design services

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Antenna design services from 7layers should be introduced at a very early stage in the R&D process. Once we have fully understood the design of your product, we will be able to develop an antenna that ideally matches your needs. The necessary assessment process during the R&D phase can be carried out in our extensive antenna test facilities.

Based on our antenna tuning and optimization support, we can help you improve the performance of your off-the-shelf antennas.

Antenna test services

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7layers provides OTA antenna assessment processes

  • during R&D in our extensive, specially designed test facilities
  • for regulatory, conformance and performance requirements
  • for gain measurement
  • according to 3GPP, GCF, PTCRB, CTIA, Vodafone, Telekom, Apple Verizon wireless and other specifications
  • recognized by Vodafone, T-Mobile, AT&T etc.