Engineering services for a connected world
Supporting smart IoT services and connected devices with consulting and engineering skills

The speed with which technological progress is currently changing many aspects of our daily lives is phenomenal. The Internet of Things (IoT), and with it the smart services and connected devices it is built upon, are leading to a lifestyle and work environment that promises to be more efficient and more convenient. And what is more, these developments are neither restricted to a special region or to a specific vertical market. Both private and public sectors will benefit in areas as multifaceted as transportation, manufacturing, smart home, health, education and many more.

Whilst the technological foundation for all this is basically already available, the complexities that come with it are still challenging. The question how best to manage the complete lifecycle of both the required connected devices or a complete IoT service is very complex.

7layers has not only supported the test and market access processes of wireless connected devices for many years, but also the development of wireless technologies, the respective specifications and certification programs. These skills and experiences are making us now to a sought-after partner of all those industries that are relying on the implementation of wireless connectivity for their smart IoT services and products. Moreover, as a company of the Bureau Veritas Group, 7layers is able to connect to a much wider portfolio, covering almost all essential requirements that have to be validated for market access and maintenance of connected devices and IoT services.

Consulting and engineering skills for IoT services

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Consulting and engineering services for connected devices

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