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Battery-Life Tester

Published on 13 October 2011

InterLab Test Solution Battery-Usage
of Mobile Devices

now with exclusive Vodafone software license

Modern wireless devices such as smart phones, with high-end displays and a host of electronic features, are greedy when it comes to powerbattery-usage-wireless-device consumption. So it is not surprising that manufacturers and operators are beginning to realize that they simply must take more care in controlling power consumption and battery-life if they don’t want to disappoint their customers.

But how can the battery-usage of mobile devices be verified efficiently and reliably?

7Layers has the answer with the exclusive Interlab Test Solution Battery-Usage, which tests whether your product’s power consumption and therefore its battery-usage are in accordance with the requirements of both GCF and Vodafone.


  • the only commercially available battery performance tester
  • that comes in combination with the original Vodafone software
  • covering all test cases required by Vodafone and GCF.

Initially developed by Vodafone, the software has now been updated to the latest requirements and technical developments by 7Layers. All further maintenance and support activities will from now on be carried out by 7Layers.

The test set-up, which is currently also used by the state-of-the-art Vodafone laboratories, consists of a highly flexible and top quality shielded box, which – although small in size – creates a fully protected test environment for over-the-air (OTA) device verification. This in turn is used to implement the battery usage test cases required by Vodafone and GCF (The Vodafone VF-BAT-Life KPI version 3 is based on GSMA test specification TS 09 – previously DG 09).

This reasonably priced solution can of course also be adapted to fulfill other, more customized battery performance test requirements.

Interested? Then contact for more detailed information and a quotation.