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Rules & regulations for Smart Services

Published on 9 October 2014

Smart Services – rules & regulations in a smarter world

Smart Services are beginning to make a mark in our daily lives. New business models and processes are being developed, which are bringing great changes to the consumer world.

To ensure that a Smart Services ecosystem, which involves different players and various devices and applications, works successfully, a number of essential requirements have to be fulfilled:

  • Connectivity
  • Data Security
  • Accountability
  • Quality of Smart Service.

Visualizing a Smart Services process via the SODATM model

Smart Services processes are currently often visualized as a “chain”. However this is not really suited to demonstrate the complexities of such a process. 7Layers, the wireless/smart world expert of the Bureau Veritas group, has therefore developed its SODA model, which describes a Smart Service in terms of a dynamic “circular” process that must be continuously monitored once it has been set up.



 Stakeholder of a Smart Services process are

  • Users, who are equipped with wireless connected devices, are at the center of the process. Smart Services are generally geared to provide the User with a more convenient or efficient lifestyle, whether he uses mHealth devices and services, smart home or car2X equipment or other smart applications.
  • Service Originators realize their Smart Service business ideas with the support of a Service Provider.
  • Service Providers are responsible for the business relationship.
  • Smart Services Data Platforms receive data from wireless connected devices, analyze them and initiate physical or virtual Actions required by the User.

Adhering to official and proprietary rules & regulations

Wireless connected devices, which are at the core of Smart Services, already need to adhere to a host of continually changing rules & regulations from governmental organizations, industry interest groups or purchasers. However not only the connected devices, but also applications, data platforms and the Smart Services themselves must be evaluated to ensure that Smart Services function properly and are in accordance with both official and proprietary rules & regulations.

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