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Smart Services and the IoT – systematic verification

Published on 9 June 2015

Smart Services and the IoT need systematic verification processes
With the Internet of Things (IoT) and its manifestations, like Industry 4.0, Smart Services, M2M etc. a new era with significant opportunities begins.

But certain criticalities are involved in the IoT

  • How to ensure the necessary, constant connectivity?
  • What happens with data security and privacy?
  • How to ensure, that services will be charged correctly?

To remove such concerns and ensure that the Smart Services within the IoT can nevertheless be offered at an attractive price level is a real challenge. Standardizations could help solve this problem, but they currently do not cover the full scope of requirements that come with a complete Smart Services process. Instead, Smart Services providers bring proprietary solutions to market, which have to be controlled continuously from development, to operation up to the maintenance.

7Layers is a specialist with years of experience in the wireless world. We offer the necessary consultancy & engineering capabilities to capture and specify the requirements, set-up a risk analysis process, develop proprietary quality policies and inform you about the official rules & regulations your Smart Services may have to adhere to.

Structure complex IoT processes for verification purposes, according to Smart Services elements and requirements

With the 7Layers InterLab® Software System you can structure complex IoT processes according to the Smart Services elements involved and the requirements to be verified. To get a clear overview about the manifold verification & validation processes involved, the requirements are structured into

  • proprietary quality policies
  • official rules & regulations of regulatory bodies
  • regulations of industry interest groups
  • demands of suppliers to market

Smart Services Verification

Once verified, the test results of the Smart Services elements under test will be analyzed and any possible change requests can be managed directly within the InterLab® Software System.

The more complex or crucial the Smart Services processes are, the more necessary it becomes that Smart Services providers, manufacturers and distributors are able to trace error sources and the way they have to be dealt with.

In order to develop a successful business, Smart Services provider must be able to

  • convince their customers that the Smart Services they bring to market are safe and reliable
  • avert liabilities in case of malfunction of the Smart Services

Only stringent developing and verification processes, combined with reliable supporting systems such as the InterLab® Software System enable providers of complex Smart Services processes with up-to-date requirements, test specifications, traceable test results and version numbered change requests.

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