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R&TTE directive extended

Published on 3 April 2012

R&TTE directive now also applies for Croatia

Since March 2012 the number of countries for which the R&TTE directive applies has been extended.

Croatia has joined the large number of European countries that accept the market access procedures according to the R&TTE directive for radio devices and devices with integrated wireless connectivity.

Previously the market access procedures in Croatia were much more complicated: A local representative was needed to make an official request for certification of conformity at HAKOM, a Croatian public authority dealing with regulatory requirements of wireless devices. This is no longer necessary and projects that are still running under this procedure can now be cancelled. Instead of this the much easier to handle R&TTE directive is now also accepted when launching wireless devices in Croatia .

According to R&TTE a self-declaration of conformity with the R&TTE guidelines is sufficient.
The R&TTE directive allows for one of the most convenient ways for a manufacturer to bring their product to market. However the full legal responsibility for the correctness of the statement lies with the person introducing the product into a market.

In case of uncertainties manufacturers are therefore advised to use the services of an accredited laboratory and type approval specialist such as 7Layers.

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