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New RF Consulting Packages

Published on 3 February 2016


3rd February 2016, Irvine (CA/USA) and Ratingen (Germany): For several years 7layers has offered RF consulting services to customers integrating wireless technology into their smart devices. Learning from the past, 7layers has identified common needs through the work of its RF engineers and has formalized its RF consulting services to address the typical problems experienced by its customers.

“In order to ease the buying process and speed up the time-critical support services to our customers, 7layers has now restructured its RF support by offering formalized RF Consulting Packages”, explains Boris Binger, Business Development Manager at 7layers. “These consulting packages will provide additional value to customers who are new to wireless technology, or lack key in-house RF expertise when integrating wireless technology into a product.”

With this service extension, 7layers supports the wireless market from early development to post market release with a unique combination of engineering and test services. Customers can benefit from a combination of wireless expertise and accredited test & certification know-how provided by a single partner.

The 7layers RF consulting services are divided into three phases:

This allows customers to choose exactly the package that fits best to a particular phase of the product lifecycle.

RF consulting services from 7layers

Separating the 7layers services into distinct RF Consulting Packages allows clients to select those services that best meet their specific needs and situations. These packages can be used for any device integrating any type of RF technology, such as LTE, 3G, 2G as well as Bluetooth®, ZigBee, Wi-Fi, etc.

In cases where customers have very specific demands, 7layers will still provide customized RF consulting. If and when a pattern emerges, new packages based upon these demands will be developed. 7layers will continue to leverage its years of experience with requirements from organizations such as GCF, PTCRB, Bluetooth®, Vodafone, etc. to support companies integrating RF technologies during the development and market access phases of their high-quality smart products.

For more information please review our RF Consulting Services or contact with questions.