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Ready for CTIA Version 3.1.

Published on 11 January 2012

CTIA Certification Program Version 3.1
covered by 7Layersctia ota program version 3.1.

From 16th December 2011 onwards, the new CTIA OTA Certification Program Version 3.1. has become valid for mobile stations (mobile devices), thus replacing the former CTIA Version 2.2.2.

The respective test plan describes the new over the air (OTA) measurement methods for radiated RF power and receiver performance for mobile  devices. In addition to using an artificial head during testing and fulfilling specific free space conditions, the usage of artificial hands has now become mandatory for devices such as mobile phones and smart phones. CTIA OTA Version 3.1. is also valid for laptops, notebooks and tablet PCs and will be extended to M2M devices in the near future.

  • CTIA OTA Update, Version 3.1.
    especially important for all manufacturers aiming to achieve PTCRB certification.

As one of the leading wireless test laboratories 7Layers has been contributing to the development of the new test plan and can offer expert know how when it comes to testing and certification according to the new CTIA requirements.

  • 7Layers CTIA accredited test laboratories (CATL) have been upgraded and already fulfill the new CTIA requirements.

For more information on the new CTIA OTA test plan version 3.1
please contact: at 7Layers in Ratingen, Germany at 7Layers in Irvine, CA, North America