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PTCRB PVG#69 Meeting hosted by 7Layers in Korea

Published on 2 June 2015

The PTCRB PVG#69 meeting took place on 20 and 21 May hosted by 7Layers in Korea.

The meeting was chaired by Mr. Thomas Jaeger who welcomed more than 70 delegates from all over the world.

PTCRB addressed a number of new technical work items that PVG had to cover.  Especially the latest developments on Carrier Aggregation, 2CA and 3CA have been progressed. Furthermore new items such as UICC based NFC requirements, Video Calling via IMS and Enhanced Speech Quality Performance were discussed. PVG is closely collaborating with the major standardization bodies on the latest features.

The summary on all achievements will be presented at the next PTCRB meeting in Phoenix Arizona (8-11 June 2015).

In case of any questions, please contact or review the results from the upcoming PTCRB#80 meeting.