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PTCRB award for 7Layers

Veröffentlicht am 23 March 2015

PTCRB Award of Excellence 2015 goes to 7Layers once again
Ever since 2013, PTCRB has identified laboratories which best serve as an example of the ideal PTCRB laboratory.

20150320_183151The PTCRB operators consider a test laboratory’s capabilities, as well as the quantity and quality of certifications, and then identify labs which exceed their expectations.  This may also include contributions to the industry, which are in the vested interest of PTCRB.

Once more PTCRB awarded 7Layers in 2015 as an organization that has been leading the technical PTCRB activities for many years. The award was provided by the PTCRB Chair, Mr. Glen Scales and the CTIA certification program compliance director, Mr. Will Lightfoot to the 7Layers representative, Mr. Thomas Jaeger who has been chairing the PTCRB PVG group since day 1.