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OCF Membership Announcement

Published on 8 June 2016

OCF Membership Announcement

OCF logoTo further enhance 7layers’ position in the IoT market, we have recently become a member of the Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF). The OCF’s goal is to help ensure that billions of connected devices can communicate smoothly with each other. Regardless of the manufacturer of a connected device, the operating system, the chipset or physical transport technology, the open standards of the OCF shall support secure interoperability for consumers, business and industry.

Currently the OCF is working on a specification and a certification test tool to accelerate industry innovation and help developers and companies create solutions that map to this one single open specification.

OCF members such as Intel, Microsoft, Qualcomm, Samsung and others will now push the IoTivity standard for device discovery, secure interoperability and smooth communication. In this environment 7layers is addressing areas such as testing & certification of connected devices and is providing development support for Smart Services providers and their Quality Policies. Such support services will be based on consulting and engineering services, based on the 7layers SODA® model.

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