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New PTCRB Test and Certification Web-Portal from 7 layers

Published on 2 February 2009

New PTCRB Test and Certification Web-Portal from 7 layers

PTCRB test and certification process gains efficiency and speeds up market access for mobile phone manufacturers

The new PTCRB portal brings transparency, efficiency and speed to the PTCRB test and certification process, which has to be followed when entering a PTCRB Operator Market with a GSM/UMTS cellular device. It has been developed by the InterLab® Business Unit of 7 layers, a global group of test & service centers for the wireless industry.

PTCRB is a consortium of Network Operators, which defines the requirements cellular devices have to fulfill when entering the Market.  Due to the continuously growing complexity of such products and the pace of technological development, handling the necessary test & certification processes has become a time consuming task that needs a lot of coordination between all involved parties. For this reason PTCRB decided to provide its members with a new web-based portal which could handle the process more efficiently. This meant looking for a solution which offers an easy access to the certification criteria, change requests, information about test systems, test cases and their validation status, plus a quarterly regular update.

“PTCRB chose 7 layers to set-up the new web-based certification system because they combine a good insight into certification processes – and the tasks applicants have to fulfill when applying for certification – with the capability to develop complex software systems in a given time frame, following a large number of diverse requirements”, explains Glen Scales, Chairman of PTCRB. “It is especially important for PTCRB to provide its members with a user friendly solution that can be handled directly from all over the world. The certification criteria need to be presented in a clear, instantly understandable fashion, whilst assuring a high level of topicality as well as performance and security. The new portal provides all this and we feel that our members will be as pleased with it as we are.”

The new product, for which 7 layers takes over all support and maintenance tasks, is based on the InterLab software system, which is ideal for intricate, distributed assessment procedures. Similar solutions might be useful for manufacturers, network operators, special interest groups etc. in order to conveniently manage assessment procedures that become more important the more complex wireless communications products become. Especially publications of updates, which can be a cumbersome task when managed traditionally, can be handled with such tools in just a few minutes.

“Developing this new portal together with PTCRB was a great experience for us”, says Carsten Kuhfuss, product manager at 7 layers. “We all took special care of user friendliness and reliability in order to provide a system that meets the time to market requirements of the industry. Due to the number of certification requirements, test cases, test solutions, updates etc. developing a portal for such a large organization as PTCRB is a complex task. However due to the great cooperation between all involved parties, we can now present the market with a well-suited and satisfying solution.”