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New Multi-Tool for R&D testing of mobile devices cost effective – easy to operate – reproducible results

Published on 26 January 2010

New Multi-Tool for R&D testing of mobile devices cost effective – easy to operate – reproducible results

7 layers has developed a new small and affordable InterLab R&D Multi-Tool. It is ideal for creating an over-the-air test environment for mobile phones without the need for an RF wired connection. The system supports tests such as battery lifetime, data throughput and RF- and acoustic parameter measurements.

The R&D Multi Tool has been designed especially for developers who are in need of an easy to handle but reliable system that can be adapted effortlessly to serve a large variety of test purposes.

The Multi-Tool is based on a shielded test cabin (STS-75 from Albatross), large enough to contain standard sized pyramid absorbers for the optimized suppression of standing waves, but small enough to easily pass any laboratory door. 7 layers equips the Multi-Tool with a specially designed, but adaptable construction which ensures keeping the mobile device in a reproducible position. A well thought out multi antenna system, comprising a number of sophisticated multi-band antennas, allows for rigorous over-the-air device verification with high accuracy levels.

Possible applications of the Interlab® R&D Multi-Tool from 7 layers are for example

  • RF tests in mass production
    (reproducible results due to reduction of standing waves)
  • Battery life time testing
    (easy, lifelike call set-up)
  • Temperature measurements
    (enough room for additional equipment like an IR camera!)
  • Acoustic testing and buzzing noise analysis
    (pyramid absorbers act like acoustic chamber)
  • Functional testing for all kinds of wireless applications
    (e.g. large enough for 300 MHz with ferrite version)

Developers today not only have to deal with ever more complex products but they also have to cope with growing time and cost restrictions. The R&D Multi-Tool from 7 layers – creating an OTA test environement – is a simple, reliable tool which can be adapted and easily extended to serve many purposes and products.