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InterLab T.S. DEVICE/UICC new

Published on 21 August 2014


21.8.2014, Ratingen, Germany: The InterLab® Test Solution DEVICE/UICC is a new test solution from 7Layers. It is ideally suited to handle the complex test set-ups that are necessary to verify terminal/UICC interface conformance requirements. These are geared to ensure interoperability between a wireless device, a UICC and a mobile network, independent of the device manufacturer, card issuer or operator.

The UICC and its (U)SIM/(U)SAT/ISIM applications play a central role in data security and other added services, covering tasks such as authentication handling, mobility management, call control handling, closed subscriber group handling, short messages services etc.

“InterLab® test solutions from 7Layers, are based on years of experience with conformance and interoperability test procedures and our up-to-date technology know-how”, explains Magdy Ahmed, Product Manager at 7Layers. “They are especially suited to test procedures that demand the synchronization of diverse test equipment, as is the case with DEVICE/UICC verification.”


The InterLab® Test Solution DEVICE/UICC verifies wireless device software implementations, necessary to support (U)SIM, (U)SAT and ISIM applications, by jointly operating an integrated UICC/SIM simulator and a 2G, 3G or LTE network emulator. The test solution provides network dependent and independent protocol tests, is applicable for both FDD and TDD testing, covers iRAT (inter Radio Access Technology) and China Mobile roaming tests, and offers a spy option for UICC cards. It can be used for development and conformance test purposes.

The InterLab® Test Solution DEVICE/UICC
offers a choice of validated test platforms for

  • China Mobile
    • CMCC Roaming
  •  Verizon Wireless
    • ISIM for IMS services
  • GCF & PTCRB – TP 115 for LTE
    • LTE (eFDD/eTDD) – USIM / USAT
  • GCF & PTCRB – TP 146 for 3G
    • 3G (FDD) – USIM / USAT
  • 2G* SIM/SAT  *u.d.

The test platforms include test packages for usage with network emulators from Rohde & Schwarz (CMW500) and Anritsu (MD8430A). Test packages for other emulators are available upon request. Users of the InterLab test solutions LTE USIM/USAT, 3G USIM/USAT that currently work in combination with the R&S®CRTU-W, can upgrade their existing platform to the InterLab Test Solution DEVICE/UICC in a cost effective and efficient way.

Thanks to a high level of automation the InterLab Test Solution DEVICE/UICC is easy to set-up and control, generating reliable and reproducible results and enabling test capabilities to run 24/7.

More about the InterLab Test Solution DEVICE/UICC you find here.