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New CTIA OTA test plan version

Published on 9 January 2014

ctia ota program version 3.1.CTIA OTA test plan versions

changing from v3.1 via v3.2.1, v3.2.2 to v3.3.

CTIA OTA testing is part of the CTIA Certification Program, which manufacturers and importers have to follow in order to bring wireless products to the US market. It is a pre-condition for PTCRB certification. Due to the demands within the industry and technological progress, the original CTIA OTA test plan version 3.1. has been amended.

7Layers can already offer these services and explains the new rules you have to follow in 2014:

New CTIA OTA test plan versions roll-out

  • CTIA OTA test plan v3.2.1 / v3.2.2 now mandatory

    • CTIA OTA test plan v3.2.1 /v3.2.2 have become mandatory 1st January 2014.
    • Only CTIA authorized test laboratories (CATL’s) such as 7Layers that have successfully passed the audit according to the new v3.2.1 and/or v3.2.2 are authorized to test according to these rules.
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  • CTIA OTA test plan v3.3 not yet finalized

    • Roll-out of CTIA OTA test plan v3.3 has not yet been finalized. Whilst the new test plan has already been released in October 2013, the laboratory audit process is currently under revision. The new  v3.3 will probably become mandatory from July 2014 onwards.
    • To provide our customers with the latest test criteria, 7Layers OTA laboratories will apply for a review by CTIA according to v3.3 as soon as possible.

Major changes in CTIA OTA v3.2.1 and v3.2.2

Amongst others, the most important changes for our customers are

  • Multiple test samples can now be provided to a CATL, such as 7Layers.  This can speed up the test process especially for devices with built in battery.
  • Due to the success of the LTE technology CTIA added OTA testing for LTE and A-GPS over LTE.
  • The test method, verifying the sensitivity limits (ICRS = Intermediate Channel Relative Sensitivity), has been changed considerably. Generally speaking devices have to comply to the fixed TIS limits more accurately now. The new testing method is more meticulous and will provide fairer results.

Info Material on CTIA OTA test plan versions v3.3 and v3.4