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New Bluetooth® Compatibility Certification Program

Published on 19 May 2008

New Bluetooth® Compatibility Certification Program – in the making by the CTIA

In order to improve the user experience for the growing number of Bluetooth® enabled mobile phones and headsets, CTIA is currently working on a new certification program. The “Bluetooth® Compatibility Certification Program” is targeted to mobile phones and headsets sold in the USA and will be in addition to the current Bluetooth® SIG (Special Interest Group) Qualification Program.

In CTIA’s program, all Bluetooth® enabled mobile phones and Bluetooth® headsets will require testing against a list of “CTIA approved B-devices” by a CTIA authorized testing laboratory (CATL). Currently, the program is in the pilot phase. At this time, US carriers may request this testing of those wishing to sell products to them.  However, when the program is officially launched, successful testing will be required by all US carriers.  Official launch is scheduled for January 2009.

7 layers, an experienced Bluetooth® Qualified Test Facility (BQTF) and CATL, conducts these new test services against its “B-device” library at its laboratory in Irvine, California (USA). Depending on the nature of your product, the test session includes either testing against 11 mobile phone B-devices or testing against 13 headset B-devices.

7 layers is one of the leading BQTFs worldwide. With the early implementation of CTIA compatibility testing, we are once again indicating our commitment to this ever expanding wireless technology. Make the most of our expertise!

In addition to testing for Bluetooth® SIG Qualification, 7 layers now performs all tests for the new CTIA Bluetooth® Compatibility Certification Program for Bluetooth® enabled mobile phones and headsets!