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InterLab® Feature Explorer

Published on 2 February 2011

New and Unique “Interlab Feature Explorer”

The ONLY automatic way to detect PICS/PIXIT information of WIRELESS DEVICES

7Layers Ratingen, Germany, 2nd February 2011

7Layers decides to put an end to the mystery of identifying the correct product features of a wireless device that supports GSM, UMTS or LTE technology.
How did this come about?

Some time ago we heard the following story: A terminal manufacturer had developed a highly sophisticated mobile phone, using their best engineers on the project and a module from a leading provider. However, when going into testing the product failed without any apparent reason. Time to market was becoming a problem and, together with some test experts, they altered the basic feature information and changed the test plan and configuration settings of the test system. After a lot of last minute troubleshooting, the product was finally ready for market launch. But was it really? Then why did it fail the initial testing? Was the test equipment at fault? Was the original sample wrong? Will the product really fulfill the requirements specified by the network operator? How could one make sure that such delays and uncertainties were not going to happen again?