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MirrorLink Car Connectivity apps – tested and certified by 7Layers

Veröffentlicht am 11 September 2014


The Car Connectivity Consortium approves 7Layers as first test laboratory in Europe for MirrorLink™ App Certification.

Logo of MirrorLink Certification fro CCCRatingen, Germany, 10.09.2014: 7Layers is now approved by the Car Connectivity Consortium as Test Lab for the MirrorLink App Certification Program – for both Base and Drive Level apps – destined for use in the European market. Base Level apps are to be used whilst the car is in parking mode, Drive Level apps can also be used in motion.

For several years 7Layers has been successfully marketing the test and certification services within the MirrorLink Device Certification Program. Based on this additional approval from the Car Connectivity consortium, 7Layers is now the first and only test lab in Europe that offers MirrorLink App Certification. Not only does 7Layers have years of experience with the Smartphone sector and a close working relationship with the automotive industry, we have also developed a circular SODA model to structure and analyze Smart Services Processes, including connected devices, data platforms, applications etc. Our MirrorLink App Certification services are based on this know-how and understanding.

man using car control panel to read newsScreen mirroring seems to be the most successful strategy for smooth and reliable automotive smartphone integration and even companies such as Apple and Google are using a similar approach. MirrorLink however is an open standardized approach across platforms, which makes it applicable for various technologies and devices (e.g. Android, Microsoft, Blackberry, etc.). The MirrorLink technology is now available in a number of new cars (VW, Skoda, Peugeot, etc.) as well as in new smartphones (htc one M8, Samsung S4 mini, etc.), with more to follow in the coming weeks and months.

The ultimate goal of the Car Connectivity Consortium is not only to promote devices that work seamlessly together according to the MirrorLink Device Certification but also to promote the availability of in-car apps that are safe to use especially while driving. 7Layers supports this goal by offering MirrorLink App Certification Testing, which will ultimately represent another significant step towards the smarter world of connected car infotainment.

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