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LTE test system for all networks

Published on 6 July 2012

InterLab Test Solution LTE-USIM/USAT
covers test requirements of almost all
LTE carriers world-wide

By further extending its InterLab Test Solution LTE-USIM/USAT, 7Layers has increased its reach into the test labs of world’s leading LTE carriers.

After successful installation at various leading US-carriers and mobile phone manufacturers, the InterLab Test Solution LTE-USIM/USAT has recently been set-up at the China Mobile Laboratories, showing once more its wide area of test requirements coverage.

“Supporting mobile phone and Smartphone manufacturers in getting their products to market has always been one of 7Layers main purposes. So it is only natural that we have made our InterLab Test Solution LTE-USIM/USAT fit to test according to the requirements of nearly all LTE carriers world-wide”, states Magdy Ahmed, product manager at 7Layers. “When installing the test system at China Mobile Laboratories for example, the engineers there were really happy with its ease-of-use and reliability.”

Contrary to other wireless technologies, LTE supports a large variety of frequency bands which has led to LTE carriers using a range of bands for their LTE networks. 7Layers therefore made sure that its InterLab Test Solution LTE-USIM/USAT corresponds to the varied requirements of carriers and technology institutes worldwide:

P.R. China

Band 38, 40, 39


Band 5

Band 5


Band 1

Band 11, 18


Band 7

Nordic Countries

Band 7


Band 4

Band 12

Band 13

Band 14

Band 17

Band 24

Band 25

Band 41


Band 20

The InterLab Test Solution LTE-USIM/USAT is a validated one-box test system. It verifies the conformity of an LTE-capable terminal with 3GPP LTE test specifications. CSIM and CCAT test case packages for multi mode LTE/CDMA devices are under development. The test solution investigates the interworking of an LTE device with the LTE (E-UTRA/ EPC) network and the USIM/ USAT/ ISIM applications on the UICC (Universal Integrated Circuit Card). IRAT tests (Inter Radio Access Technology) are covered as well.

LTE USIM/USAT tester from 7LayersManufacturers and wireless test laboratories that are looking for an easy to handle, attractively priced solution, that covers a host of market access requirements, should look into the InterLab Test Solution LTE-USIM/USAT from 7Layers, the market experts when it comes to bringing wireless products to market efficiently.



   InterLab Test Solution LTE-USIM/USAT