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LoRa tech "Golden Device" for North America

Published on 21 November 2016

One Step closer to North American LoRa Certification
Newly developed “Golden Device” enables validation process of LoRa test solutions for the North American MarketLoRa test solution validated with golden device from 7layers

Test solutions for LoRa technology-supported devices that are to be marketed in North America can now be validated with the aid of a newly developed “Golden Device”.

LoRa is a wireless technology that supports the development of low-power, wide-area networks (LPWANs) that will enhance the Internet of Things (IoT). The technology ideally combines long range communication with low power consumption and secure data transmission. The LoRa Alliance™ aims at ensuring that devices, network infrastructure and software components based on the LoRa technology are interoperable with each other and provide reliable and secure communication. For that purpose, the alliance has developed the LoRaWAN Certification Program and authorized a range of test laboratories to perform the respective testing on validated LoRa test solutions.

7layers, a group of wireless engineering & test centers supported key LoRa Alliance members during the development of this “Golden Device”

As a leading wireless test & certification organization and authorized LoRa Alliance services provider for the already released EU certification scheme, 7layers brought an excellent understanding of the LoRa technology into the cooperation. This was enhanced by years’ of experience the company gained by building their own Interlab Test Solutions and providing validation services to leading wireless test systems manufacturers. 7layers contribution to the development of the “LoRa North American Golden Device” was based on existing software for LoRa devices and gateways, provided by one of the LoRa Alliance members.

The LoRa Alliance has recognized this newly developed “Golden Device” as the official means with which to validate test solutions that are to be used during the upcoming certification process of end devices, aiming at the North American market.

The LoRa test set-up, developed by 7layers, a company of the Bureau Veritas Group, is the first that has been verified with this new “Golden Device” in readiness for the North American certification process.

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